The DJR Experience is/are items and things, from apparel to fragrances, nightlife to events/entertainment etc. brought to you by Devin J. Ricks. He is featuring the first collection to the DJR Experience which is the highly acclaimed "No More Apologies" clothing line. Read below and see what sparked the movement behind the saying "No More Apologies." More items/things will appear under the DJR Experience very soon! Enjoy the first addition to the collection. Have a great day! Thank you for checking out the experience! :)

SYNOPSIS by Devin J. Ricks: If you're done with the sorry apologies and the constant disappointment with loyalty, MAKE A CHANGE! If you're done apologizing to others because you need to take time off to get your life together, MAKE A CHANGE! Real friends will stick around and won't make you feel bad or walk away when you need to figure things out. If you're tired of always trying to meet people's expectations and they don't do the same in return? Then STOP! We're getting to the point and age in life where all the dysfunctional situations don't serve a purpose anymore. That's why I made my new venture, #NoMoreApologies! Certain things get old, and you never apologize for taking care of yourself; especially in a world where most don't care about no one but themselves. The real ones will stick around and make sure you learn during a season when you feel you're left alone. When you get back from your "field trip" of life's darkest hour, you celebrate your life. Never dim your light when God wants you to shine bright! Be forever grateful through life's lessons and always remain #Unapologetic! Jump on the wave if you're at this point in your life and you have truly found your purpose. It will take some time to get there, but once you do, you will feel at ease and most importantly? FREE!

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